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We've Got a Lot of Gunpla!

Friday, May 11, 2018 9:10 PM

We've Got a Lot of Gunpla!

We (the collective conscious that is Toy Joy) are proud to announce that we now possess the largest collection of Gunpla for sale in Austin!

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Bozo The Clown: Fun For All!

Saturday, March 11, 2017 12:47 PM

Bozo The Clown: Fun For All!


I doubt many of you were watching much television in the 1950's, but I wouldn't be surprised if you remember Bozo the Clown from your childhood! While his popularity peaked in the 60’s, this clown had his own variety show starting in 1949. He may have had an entertaining program, but you don’t need to have seen the show to enjoy punching Bozo! We just got in these classic Bozo the Clown toys and we’re already having a blast with them!

There's the classic Bozo Bop Bag, that is $19.95, the Bozo shaped stress ball for $3.95, the miniature Bop Bag for $4.95, and the Bozo Flashing Clown Nose for $4.95.

 A Group of Bozos



We had the most fun with the classic bop bag of Bozo. His nose makes a very satisfying squeak when punched! 

Punching Bozo the Clown



The nose flashes from red to blue and fits perfectly on your nose!

Sad Clown with flashing nose



Though intended for flicking, the tiny Bozo is still pretty fun to punch! 

punching a small clown


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