We are excited to announce our second Toy Swap! Last month's swap turned out great & we got to meet some wonderful people! We hope to make this a recurring event, happening on the first Tuesday of every month. 

We’ve all been collecting blind boxes and we know how frustrating it can be to get duplicates or unwanted results… Fret no more, and trade in those pesky repeats!

Our Toy Swap aims to unite a community interested in collectible art, provide an opportunity to complete collections or trade for personal favorites, and to have FUN and make FRIENDS!

On Tuesday May 2nd from 4PM to 7PM, we will be hosting the ‘Toy Joy Toy Swap’ right here in the store. You can bring in any of your duplicate or unwanted blind box figures to trade with others. You’re likely to find Sonny Angel, KidRobot, tokidoki, Smiski, Fuchiko, Funko mini series, and more!!

In conjunction with this event, we will be having a 15% OFF SALE on all our blind boxes for the day of the swap*! Donuts will also be served on a first-come first-serve basis!

For every series that we carry in the store, we will have one opened display for trading. (Heads up: If trading with store display, figures must be from the same series and in excellent condition) Be sure to check out our website to see some of the blind boxes we carry!


*Offer applies for in-store purchases only