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RX-0 Gundam Unicorn (Bande Dessinee ver.) Real-Grade Model Kit


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  • The most advanced Mobile Suit ever created, the RX-0 Unicorn is capable of transforming into a powerful “Destroy Mode” that links directly with the pilot’s brain. The strain, however, is immense and is limited to just 5 minutes of activation.

    Gundam model kids, known in Japan as Gunpla are plastic model kids that consist of several, prepainted trays or "runners" of parts that snap into place and require no additional adhesive. Based on the popular manga and anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam" and its many spinoffs and sequels, Gunpla have been popular in Japan and the West since the mid 80's.

    Gunpla come in various sizes, the most popular being 1:144 and 1:100 scale. In addition to size, Gunpla have various "grades" which refer to the complexity and range of motion of the kits.

    • HG or High-Grade is the standard kit which comes in either 1:144 or 1:100 scale. It is important to note that "SEED" and "SEED DESTINY" 1:100 models do not have "HG" printed anywhere on the box or manual but are considered high-grade in terms of quality.
    • MG or Master-Grade are made of a higher quality plastic, are more complicated to construct and provide a wider range of motion, thanks to an inner frame. MG only come in a 1:100 scale and may come with a specially designed stand or display.
    • This is a Model Kit, assembly required
    • Contents may vary from photos and illustrations shown on the package
    • Please handle with care and store out of the reach of children younger than 15 years old
    • This product may contain small parts. May be harmful if swallowed
    • This product may contain parts that have sharp points and edges. Please handle it carefully to aboid getting injured